Specialists in providing a high-touch, world class, wealth management service

Key Capital Private Wealth Management

Specialists in providing a high-touch, world class, wealth management service

Key Capital Private is a wealth advisory firm focused on advising individuals and families with substantial assets. We deal with the dynamics and issues associated with larger, more complex investment portfolios.

Our investment approach accesses funds managed by industry leading managers with distinct strategies and track records of out-performance. Our funds have a preference towards active management with a bias for fund managers who have a significant portion of their personal wealth invested alongside our clients. Key Capital Private clients open bank accounts in their own name with either Deutsche Bank or Credit Suisse (or both).

A core competency is an outcome-based approach focused on the specific requirements of individuals and families with significant wealth. Our investment advice is supported with tailored recommendations on what we believe is the most appropriate asset allocation, mix of funds and investment strategies.

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Our area of expertise is families with greater levels of wealth, where we provide a personalised and bespoke advisory service, developed from understanding both individual and broader family requirements. Each Relationship Manager works with a small number of clients and has considerable expertise in dealing with the dynamics associated with larger, more complex investment portfolios.

Integrated Advice

Integrated Advice

Key Capital Private is an advisory wealth management service. Rather than holding clients’ money directly, clients open custody accounts (with Deutsche Bank and/or Credit Suisse) and retain full control of their own funds. We prepare the account opening documentation, and our Relationship Managers will guide you through the onboarding process as efficiently as possible.

Our partner custodian banks are Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse. This facilitates us in locally delivering the full suite of wealth management services available from two of Europe’s leading wealth management platforms.

Who We Help

We are selective in the clients we take on, which allows us to fully dedicate our resources to making sure we deliver the best possible bespoke service.

1. Individuals and Families

Key Capital Private works closely with high net worth individuals and families to provide expert wealth management advice now and into the future. We understand the nuances of being high net worth and the challenges that it can bring. Working with Key Capital Private you will have access to top class private banking and wealth management solutions. We work with some of Ireland’s most successful individuals and families, ensuring clients achieve success and meet their desired short and long term goals.

2. Family Offices

Experts in protecting and growing family wealth across generations, Key Capital Private coordinates wealth management, tax, accounting and family offices services and works closely with key partners and advisors. The nature of our family office services means that clients benefit not only from consistent investment returns, but also a range of other services. We provide coordinated outsourced family office services, philanthropic and wealth management advice as well as intergenerational structuring and education. We host exclusive invite only family office events and specialise in helping families protect and grow wealth across generations.

3. Charities and Foundations

Key Capital Private currently advises some of the leading charities and not-for-profit organisations in Ireland in responsibly managing their investments to deliver returns in pursuit of their charitable aims. Our Key Capital Ethical Fund allows professional investors to invest in an ethically screened investment fund managed by our partners Newton Asset Managers. The fund has been specifically designed for Charities and NFPs and is managed by a leading investment team at Newton, with a very attractive TER.

4. Entrepreneurs

Key Capital Private is proud to work with many of Ireland’s most innovative entrepreneurs. We provide extensive insight and expertise and solutions at each stage of your wealth journey. Ultimately we help business owners and entrepreneurs look after and protect the wealth they have worked hard to achieve. Whether working with a business owner currently accumulating wealth or helping manage the transition from business owner to wealth owner following the sale of a business. We understand an entrepreneurs journey and specialise in in being by your side every step of the way. Navigating a path to protect and grow your wealth.

5. Retirement

Let Key Capital Private assist you with your pension and post-retirement journey. We have a range of services to help you (and your trustees) meet your pension goals and obligations. You will work with an experienced advisor who will understand your individual circumstances and work with you to ensure your desired retirement objectives are achieved.

Your Experienced Team

Our team is comprised of Wealth Management professionals with significant international and domestic experience.

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What our clients say

Key Capital ran a highly efficient and thorough process (selling our company) and more than exceeded in delivering all transaction objectives. We would not be where we are now without them. I have subsequently become a wealth management client of Key Capital Private and the level of service remains first class.

Finbarr Crotty

Finbarr Crotty, Executive Chairman - Crotty Insurance

We run into a lot of companies around the world and one of the things we really appreciate about the Key Capital folks in Ireland is that they do the work, they do the diligence and they’re thoughtful. Key Capital are amazing fiduciaries.

Venky Ganesan

Venky Ganesan, Managing Partner - Menlo Ventures

Key Capital have a more intelligent and thoughtful approach to what people need, their risk appetite, and their position in life, rather than somebody who is simply pushing products.

Mercator Marketing Research Ltd, Client Survey 2020

Mercator Marketing Research Ltd, Client Survey 2020

Key Capital Private have a more nuanced approach to risk appetite at an individual level and at a portfolio level.

Mercator Marketing Research Ltd, Client Survey 2020

Mercator Marketing Research Ltd, Client Survey 2020

It is very helpful that Key Capital liaise seamlessly with my accountants to produce a consolidated tax return - it removes the burden from me but is also reassuring in terms of attention to detail.

Mercator Marketing Research Ltd, Client Survey 2020

Mercator Marketing Research Ltd, Client Survey 2020

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Let’s start the conversation

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