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 Key Capital understands the pressures that management teams face in transaction execution and the level of expectation placed on them by a range of stakeholders in the process. 

As management advisors, Key Capital has a long track record of supporting management teams that are at the centre of a transaction, ensuring they focus on running the business and only the most critical elements of the transaction negotiation.  

Our independent advice is tailored to ensure management’s interests are protected throughout any private-equity sponsored transaction process (such as secondary buyouts, take privates and other potential structures).

During a complex PE transaction, our core focus is to:

  • Make sure sufficient time is devoted to management’s concern;

  • Help management team’s understand the risk and reward of their investment decisions;

  • Ensure the deal structure allows them to benefit from future equity upside potential;

  • Effectively represent management on difficult and sensitive points and key decisions, avoiding the risk of negotiating roadblocks.

We have extensive experience on advising management teams on securing the right incentive plans from new investors. We recently advised the management team of Centaur Fund Services on their deal with Waystone, and also advised the management team of IPL on the take-private by Madison Dearbon Partners.

Early on in the transaction we identified as a management team that we needed independent advice to ensure that the management team got the right deal while allowing us to focus on running the business and getting the transaction completed for the benefit of all stakeholders.
Alan Walsh, CEO at IPL

Appointing management advisors avoids the conflict of interest where the lead advisor is primarily concerned about completing the deal and therefore management’s priorities may not receive the appropriate attention.

Key Capital work closely alongside management’s other chosen advisors such as tax and legal to ensure all the commercial and technical negotiating points are fully captured in the various transaction documents (SPA, Investment Agreement, Tax Deed, etc.)

In complex PE transactions, management teams and their advisors should have no hesitation in asking for this service: it’s good for everybody and helps get the deal done.
Colin Morgan, Group CEO at Key Capital

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