Responsible Business

Key Capital, through its staff, creates shared value through collaboration ensuring that the interests of our Firm and wider society are mutually supportive.  We encourage our staff to collaborate with local partners to ensure we contribute effectively to promote societal development, work more sustainably and contribute to meaningful change in the community in which we work and operate.       

Our Firm and staff do this in three ways;

Working to ensure we contribute to Society;

We want to contribute to programmes, both financially and through our human resources, to advance societal development throughout the Workplace, Sport and the Arts.   

We support our staff who volunteer to help others.  We have partnered with Trinity College Dublin and their TCPID programme which provides training and education to those with an intellectual disability and assists them with work placement and longer-term employment opportunities. We regularly support the staging of the Opera, the Ballet and exhibitions at the National Gallery of Ireland working towards the advancement of the Arts in Ireland.    Key Capital staff are supported to work on a voluntary basis in several sporting organisations and other charitable endeavours.

Working to ensure we contribute to a sustainable Environment;

We want to work and live in the most sustainable manner possible.

We are seeking involvement in strategic initiatives for advancing sustainability at a broader level with relevant and interested stakeholders. Within Key Capital, we have introduced several initiatives to increase our awareness of, and impact on, our environment.  Where possible, we also invest financially in either technology or other resources that support a “greener” working environment.   We foster innovation in our staff to assist us with ideas for how we can contribute to co-working in a sustainable manner. 

 Working to ensure we contribute locally;

We partner with local initiatives and organisations where we can make a difference. 

We do this both in businesses in which we take either a financial or mentorship interest but also in working with local underprivileged schools where we feel we can make a difference.  We have partnered with Children’s Books Ireland to resource a library for one of our local schools where there are particular literacy issues and we are actively supporting our staff who wish to give their time to reading or working with those children and giving them some insight to a financial services firm and what a possible career path might involve.   In other years’, we have launched a local School’s Arts Prize in conjunction with the National Gallery of Ireland to encourage children to explore their artistic and creative abilities. 

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